Reggaeton Arte Branding & Art Direction

Reggaeton Arte is the child of Brooklyn based producer SUR. Reggaeton is undeniably part of our music scene at bars, clubs, and concerts, yet it feels like the genre still has an immense amount of room to explore. In trekking these valleys of  catchy melodies Reggaeton Arte has dared to light the way with sombre synths and trappy beats.  

The challenge developing the identity for  Reggaeton Arte was to divert it's familiar visuals of lense flares off of  women's hips to something more fashionable, yet not have it be unrelatable.  I opted for a monogram — as most artists have one — as the only visual bridge between reggaeton culture and fine art. First iterations of this monogram resulted in comical or gothic results.  The chosen motif was that of a very stable, parabolic-smooth-seriffed monogram. Scribbles, strokes, and scrapes of different mediums of art were used to create the visual assets to accompany the mark on social media and other forms of communication. These patterns are set to evoke a sense of rawness and process from the chaotic brush strokes and scribbles.

Each of the song is accompanied by  very lose - dry brush illustrations of the artists.