Reggaeton Arte Branding


Reggaeton Arte is the experimental child of Brooklyn based music producer SUR who challenged himself to transform and elevate Reggaeton music to make it more accessible to a larger audience. Reggaeton Arte draws on the raw rhythmic beats of reggaeton while weaving in elements of other styles. The result? A sound based in reggaeton that intrigues and moves a wide range of listeners. 

Reggaeton Arte needed a fashionable and upscale identity to set itself apart from standard images of Reggaeton music without losing its true core. A classic and bold monogram was designed to signal elegance and stability. To capture the essence of Reggaeton Arte, images of modern reggaeton artists were transformed by mute colors and kinetic strokes to shift their image, while maintaining their essential connection to the music . 

Each of the song is accompanied by  very lose - dry brush illustrations of the artists.